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  • [Today] I'm leaving to go to EHT to bring the lil'punk neph to the dentist and spending the night with my awesome eht family.
  • [Wednesday] early drive to Bethesda to see the best buddy for 13 years, spending the day/night with him and the bf!
  • [Thursday] Baltimore day with the bf. 

So stoked for my mini road trip-vacay. I'll update more on life over the weekend, hopefully with pics!  

 Death to walnuts hidden in foods!

I ate some incredibly delicious fudge last night and got an allergic reaction to it. My boyfriend remembered the kind I ordered was next to the walnut mixes so that's most likely while I got so ill. I'm basically severely allergic to those little decadent devils! 

They gave me some benadryl, a steroid for swelling and adavant which I'm pretty sure is an anti-anxiety or relaxer or some sort. Last night I felt drunk as a skunk, it was a wonderful welcome to the throat closing.

Man, maybe nature is trying to tell me to stop eating desserts! hahahaha.
I'm going to see Jack Johnson today! I'm so excited (:

My boyfriend, however, is not. I mentioned the word "mud" pit (it's at PNC Bank Arts Center, they have lawn seating, it's pouring right now, so it will be muddy.. however we have seats!) and he's... not happy at all now. I can tell. 

I had a small procedure done today and I've been looking forward to this since April so I'm trying really hard not to let his negativeness affect me, but we know I suck up people's energy ): Booo. I just wish he'd have fun!
 It's scary but I can honestly say I love my job and my coworkers are the best!

Yay!! ;D


My mother finally went to the hospital. She's okay, her adema was really bad. She's now at a rehibilitation center. I feel bad because I want her out of the house to get better, but she's so lonely. Originally, she called me to tell me she was being released, when in actuality she signed herself out. She didn't want to go get PT. I had a talk with her and convinced her to stay. When the nurse told me she signd herself out I was like, "....... She didn't tell me that. Oh no. She did not sign  herself out! *ran away*" hahha. It was kind of funny. They were happy I got her to reconsider and go. She can't function on her own, what kind of life is that? It's not one, if you ask me. This is the best thing for her, it just sucks she's alone. She has a room mate but she's very old and doesn't really talk. We all try to visit her everyday, mainly my father and I. I don't know. I feel bad she's there but I know she has to be.

RIP Peter Steele ):

I honestly have never been affected by a famous person's death like I am his. Man. I really loved Type O Negative. /sigh.

He seemed like he was such an honest person. I've watched interviews with him and he's just so funny with a sarcastic sense of humor even though, supposedly, that was just really him talking. He also seemed like he had a good heart even though he did some shitty things, and apologized. I'll always think of him as a good guy based on what I read. Even if I read something completely terrible about him, I think my view wouldn't change. He kind of reminds me of my mother. I guess because she hung around Brooklyn a lot, haha. I'm happy I got to see them 3x, especially the July 2003 show. That will always be my favorite memory.

RIP Pete Steel

Petrus T. Ratajczyk,

You will forever be in my heart. You were awesome.

Missing you aleady,

Dani <3

Apr. 12th, 2010

 Yes, it's true, you can have too many clothes!

I've been cleaning since my last post and man, I feel like I've gotten no where! Ugh! My niece is going to get a huuuge bag'o clothes from me next visit, wow!

Catch my breath.

I got the AFLAC job, however I get the feeling it's not very selective. Let's look:
  • Ran 10 minutes late. Could not find the place!
  • The guy interviewing me had to give me directions & had to come out of the office to come get me. 
  • 2nd interview consisted of telling me I had to pay for my licensing fee aka class for 250/300$ depending on where I go. No big deal, however if I fail it's another 250/300 and so on and so forth. I was always a good student when I tried so I'm not really worried. My brothers are upset because they should pay for the fee (their jobs always paid for theres.)
I never asked about pay because you're not suppose to ask, but I should have. I'm going to email Chris today to let him know I can't make it to today's class and I'm looking into the next one. When, in reality:

I interviewed with Wells Fargo/Wachovia last week. It's for a teller position, which is definitely more stable than selling insurance. This is probably one of those moments where I should reach out and take a chance, but I have debt that really needs to be paid off. I'll hear about the teller position this week or next week at the most, so I can actually buy some time with the AFLAC job, as long as I email him and (lie, oh noes!) that I'll take the next class I just need to find some money for it. Worst case scenario, I get my license, and I hate my job and keep working it at my hardest. I'm honestly not worried about not passing this test. 

I'm sub teaching until the end of the month and I stand to make about 630$ dollars and if I went to start the class right away I'd miss out on the cash, and after this check I'll have money to use for the fee so I think I'm making a good decision. I know I will miss teaching too so I wanted to sub the last of the month anyway. My hours with Wachovia are kind of crappy (22.6hr/wk) but I have Thursday off I can put in to sub so maybe I'll get an extra check that way once and a while. I really want to focus on getting out of my house! I thought about it, and I do really want to be able to live on my own. I played with the idea of getting an apartment for a year 

Wow, that was a lot. Well in "exciting" news I'm going to a workshop to get information about tutoring writing, reading and English for adults tonight. It's at my local library and I think it'll be fun! I've been wanting to get into tutoring (more so K-5 since it's my certification.) but this is a good stepping stone for me. I'm really excited. I go onto APP.com and find out what cool things are going on in my area and plan things. I'm going to check out the preschool art show today before hand! I want to get there a bit early so I know what's going on. Afterwards I am going to my favorite coffee shop, the Java Joint! I haven't been there since it was renovated (: I want to start getting out more, doing things. My boyfriend is definitely game since he's used to his ex's complaining they want to do stuff and never planned anything. All we have to do is make sure we keep up with the renovations on the house. i'm super excited about that too! We're looking at paint and he's letting me do the landscaping! I'm going to write an entry with my ideas (:


Oh, I almost forgot! I'm making my first pot roast today! I got up at 8:30a to make sure it'll be done early today so I can eat early and get to the library! I hope it's good. I love pot roast!  


Today is the deadline to finish my room. It is a mess! I am never home so I come home and just throw my stuff on the floor. Such a bad habit! I'm catching up on Season 3 of Army Wives before I start the new season. 

OH! I almost forgot! I'm going to see Jack Johnson July 13th at the PNC Bank Arts Center!! (: 


Mar. 15th, 2010

Fuck. You. Chris Christie.
 No word on the jobs, I think I've given up. Time to send out moAr resumes muhaha!

I have a day to sub the 26th this month, possibly tomorrow and 8 days in April! It's IEP Meetings so it consists of me running around from class to class so I won't be bored! I subbed today, 4th grade, not bad. Very chatty bunch. Well behaved, helpful, etc. 10:30am lunch however, is RIDIC! Ha, I just had breakfast at 8am! Booo! 

Time for nap. :3 They make me happy!


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